Caroline Lucas resigns from the Stop the War Coalition

Unless I’ve missed something, Stop the War Coalition hasn’t changed. What has changed is that Stop the War Coalition is suddenly getting scrutiny due an organisation heavily influenced by the leader of the UK’s second largest party. And what that scrutiny reveals makes it hard for anyone aspiring to mainstream politics to be associated with […]

Stop the War Coalition and Stormfront promote the same campus event

A glance at the panel for the mysterious event below explains why it has been picked up and promoted on the neo-Nazi site Stormfront (link to cached page). We are alarmed that it is advertised as taking place on a university campus – though it’s not featured on either the University of Westminster nor the […]

Stop the War Coalition sinks lower

Not breaking news any more, but since Stop the War (No! Not that one!) is one of our affiliations, this should be added to the record. See Modernity. Update: the CST excerpt part Barry Rubin’s book on the Muslim Brotherhood discussing the formation of links with StWC and the consequent centralisation of Palestine in the […]

In the Green Party antisemitism can be affirming

Cross-posted on Engage. Over the past several years Green Party members have proposed a number of motions and initiatives tackling antisemitism, all of which have been defeated or deformed beyond usefulness by anti-Zionists. As The Guardian’s Hugh Muir observed back in 2010, Green officialdom has long opted to brush concerns about antisemitism under the carpet. […]

Green Party acts decisively against antisemitism

In a special joint meeting today in York, the executive of the Green Party and the representatives of the Green Party Regional Council have decided a set of actions against antisemitism. MP and Green Party leader Caroline Lucas declared: For far too long our Party has tolerated some forms of unintentional antisemitism to develop unchallenged. […]

New Israel Fund needs international solidarity; non-Israeli Jews need theirs

Democracy in Israel is under attack since the far right joined the governing coalition. Recently, Haaretz reports (run it through Google translate) the Knesset passed a disgraceful law permitting Jewish settlements on Israeli land i.e not occupied land, i.e. permitting the ‘screening’ out of Arab citizens. The New Israel Fund is an organisation dedicated to […]


This post is a response to Israeli military attacks on Hamas which, along with unknown or doubtful gains in Israel’s security, has resulted in over 800 deaths and approaching 3000 wounded, much fear, loss and hunger, and the bombing of many of Gaza’s civic spaces. This post is overdue but not for lack of thinking […]