Palestine Solidarity Campaign – spinning mass murder

“The more I hear about the Norway terrorist attack, the more I can’t help noticing 1) that Norway declared it would vote for Palestinian rights in September 2) the Oslo accords are the current basis for Palestinian statehood 3) Norwegians heavily backed the Flotilla. This is Juliano. This is Vittorio. This is Rachel Corrie. This […]

Caroline Lucas challenges Palestine Solidarity Campaign on pre-Israel map

Caroline Lucas has joined the Palestine Solidarity Campaign’s growing number of critics. The Jewish Chronicle reports: “A statement issued by her office said: “It has been brought to my attention that the PSC logo appears to reflect 1917, pre-creation of Israel, borders and as such could be open to interpretation by some as implying non-recognition […]

Thoughts from an SPSC (Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign) supporter

One interest Palestinians, Israelis and Jews share (whether or not they realise it) is to ensure that the Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign remain marginal in the movement to end the occupation of Palestinian lands. This is the kind of support it attracts: “anyone who is not boycotting Israel (both economically and culturally) is supporting Ethnic […]

Greens think anti-Israel campaigning lost them the election

In the country with the world’s largest per capita carbon footprint, it might seem lucrative for Greens to campaign on a diversionary anti-Israel ticket. But it wasn’t. From the Australian periodical National Affairs a story of a candidate – inexpert on the Israel-Palestine conflict as she acknowledges herself to be – who nevertheless found herself […]

Israel and Palestine – who does the ‘solving’

As demonstrated by David Hirsh’s recent paper, bad campaigning about Israel and Palestine diverts energy and attention away from positive campaigning on behalf of occupied Palestinians and onto ourselves. At new blog Political Dynamite Israel and Palestine are already ominously high on the agenda, but Aled Dilwyn-Fisher is doing something different: he is writing about […]

New Israel Fund needs international solidarity; non-Israeli Jews need theirs

Democracy in Israel is under attack since the far right joined the governing coalition. Recently, Haaretz reports (run it through Google translate) the Knesset passed a disgraceful law permitting Jewish settlements on Israeli land i.e not occupied land, i.e. permitting the ‘screening’ out of Arab citizens. The New Israel Fund is an organisation dedicated to […]

Palestinians reject Israel boycott campaign

Last month the Palestinian General Federation of Trade Unions and the Israeli equivalent Histadrut signed an agreement calling for “fraternity and coexistence between the two peoples.” And yet the Green Party conference was awash with leaflets urging us to boycott Israel. We have a pro-boycott leader and a futile and simplistic resolution to impose total […]

In the Green Party antisemitism can be affirming

Cross-posted on Engage. Over the past several years Green Party members have proposed a number of motions and initiatives tackling antisemitism, all of which have been defeated or deformed beyond usefulness by anti-Zionists. As The Guardian’s Hugh Muir observed back in 2010, Green officialdom has long opted to brush concerns about antisemitism under the carpet. […]

Is this really what Greens want to affiliate to?

This post is by Jessica Goldfinch, Norwich Green Party A lot of organisations can start off with the best of intentions and then it seems some can morph, over time, into something that is ugly and more worryingly, ‘acceptable’. Racism becomes acceptable; violent words become acceptable; sharing platforms with known racists, Holocaust denialists, annihilists and […]