Stop the War. No! Not that one!

Stop the War reports again that it is not against war as such:

“Iranian activist Shirin Shafaie said the West had shown “double standards” in previous conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan.

She said: “Double standards are the worst enemy of justice and injustice is the worst enemy of peace.”

Which makes what follows particularly amusing.

“We must make sure history doesn’t repeat itself.

“We are here to make sure there is not another war anywhere in the world, which is led by America or European countries.“”

Because the main problem with this war business is that America and Europe are hogging it.


One thought on “Stop the War. No! Not that one!

  1. weggis

    From none other than Rupert Read

    “As for the ‘Stop the War’ coalition: They are showing their true colours, as basically Trots, little more than an SWP-front. Knee-jerk opponents of whatever the US and UK government want. Shame on them. Shame on them for in practice opposing the Libyan and Syrian revolutions, and offering succour to dictators. They are busy fighting the last war, as Freedland says. But (Libya was not and) Syria is not Iraq. That was pure aggression and neo-colonialism. Whereas Syria is an authentic revolution being snuffed by active evil from the ‘government’ there. All human people will feel and attempt to practice solidarity with the Syrian Opposition.
    ‘Stop the War’ were a wonderful force for good in 2003. They are now busily marching into the dustbin of history…”


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