Norm – antisemitism now

From Norm’s recent piece:

“That Israel makes a propaganda effort is hardly surprising, since the governments of all countries do. But somehow in this case, the effort is illicit – and it includes measures of a kind implied to be extremely dodgy, as if there were a sinister force at work. The kinship between this and age-old anti-Semitic themes is too obvious to need any emphasis. Except that it isn’t. This kind of stuff is now everywhere and nobody even turns a hair. The Jewish lobby? What else is new? As if lobbying is quite all right, but lobbying to put Israel’s case isn’t, though we all know about its illegitimacy already. The Guardian won’t feel any need to justify giving room to the theme, because it’s now more or less mainstream, and only a crazed Zionist could be bothered by it.”

Read on.


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