Sarah AB – empathise with both sides

On Harry’s Place, Sarah AB writes in response to ‘Israel advocacy should stop’ by Anthony Cooper who argues:

“Because if the lies and boycotts serve to pressure Israel into facing reality and pushing for peace then opposing those lies and boycotts can only do harm.”

But in all these years boycotts and lies haven’t claimed a single victory for Palestinians. They’re ends in themselves. Perhaps that is one reason they correlate with the rise of the defencist and racist right in Israel. And lying confuses the children.

4 thoughts on “Sarah AB – empathise with both sides

  1. Sarah AB

    Thanks Mira – I didn’t mention this in the post but (and I have covered this on HP in the past) the Palestinian I quote, a student and journalist, was wrongly imprisoned recently by the (?)IDF/police when he covered protests in the WB. He was in prison for a few days – but received an apology which he accepted because he acknowledged it was a tense situation.


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