The boycott of Israel is a campaign of elimination

Somebody who means well but supports the boycott remonstrated with me not so long ago, in all sincerity, that just about everybody wants to see a two state solution in Israel and Palestine. This is why I take slight issue with Alex Stein’s assertion on his False Dichotomies post that supporters of boycott are lying. I dare most are sincere enough – more importantly, if they say they want a two state solution and they boycott Israel, they are labouring under an illusion, misguided by the anti-Israel architects of the boycott. Whether or not they realise it (and the wording of the resolutions is a powerful clue – Israel to get rid of its border controls and also allow 8 million Palestinians to become citizens – imagine trying that one in your own back yard!) the boycott campaign can only be a campaign to eliminate Israel, this is its architects’ and organisers’ cherished aim, and they will not stop while Israel is on the map. This and the fact that it seems if anything to strengthen Israel’s defencist, pro-occupation contingent, is why boycott is such a comically hypocritical response to the conflict in the Middle East.

From the piece.

“Barghouti continues: “Specifically, what is often objected to is the demand for full equality for Palestinian citizens of Israel. One can only wonder, if equality ends Israel’s “existence,” what does that say about Israel?” I have no objection whatsoever to full material equality for Israel’s Palestinian citizens, and I know that Israel will not look very different from how it does now when this goal is achieved. For Barghouti to suggest that this is the key objection Israel’s supporters have to the BDS movement is highly disingenuous, but he manages to supersede it in the next paragraph: “The “delegitimization” scare tactic…has not impressed many in the West, in fact, particularly since its most far-reaching claim against BDS is that the movement aims to “supersede the Zionist model with a state that is based on the ‘one person, one vote’ principle” – hardly the most evil or disquieting accusation for anyone even vaguely interested in democracy, a just peace, and equal rights.” What Barghouti really means by this is that BDS seeks ‘one person, one vote’ for Israeli citizens, Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza, and those UNRWA defines as Palestinian refugees and their descendants. Or, as another supporter of BDS puts it, “The right of return is an inviolable and sacrosanct principle which necessarily spells out the end of the Jewish state.” It is a shame that Barghouti does not share this honesty.”

Peace activists may or may not boycott settlements but they don’t boycott Israel. To put it another way, people who boycott Israel are not peace activists but Palestinian nationalists, or simple Israel annihilationists, all of whom have a deficiency of concern for Jews, and who hold Israel’s Jews to standards they are comparatively relaxed about in other states. Very hypocritical.

Update: Contentious Centrist.

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