Answer for Norm, anybody?

Election occurrences in New South Wales prompt Norman Geras to wonder about Green supporters:

“What is it about being ‘green’ that inclines so significant a proportion of those who are that towards, ummm, a special focus on the Jewish state? The question isn’t rhetorical. I don’t see any intrinsic connection between the one preoccupation and the other: the environment and a belief in Israel’s so singular delinquency – so singular, that is, as to prompt a campaign of boycott against that country only. If anyone has an answer, I’m interested. Or have I missed something and there are Green-backed boycotts of several countries?”

I can answer about my own ‘special focus’: it’s limited to worries about where fellow members’ (of various groups) more hostile ‘special focus’ leads.

Update: we have a response in the pipeline – watch this space.


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