Modernityblog: ‘Smoke-filled rooms, antisemitism and The Greens’

For some time, Modernity has been asking after the promised Green Party policy on antisemitism which, we were told, was temporarily withdrawn for some “minor corrections”.

He finally got some answers.

Expect more on this.


4 thoughts on “Modernityblog: ‘Smoke-filled rooms, antisemitism and The Greens’

  1. soovey

    Thanks for this Modernity

    I am becoming very tired of the arrested intellectual development of the Greens.

    I am suspicious of unicausal explanations for anything, whether about global warming and any blind, blinkered uniform approach to anything. Life is necessarily much more complex.

    The Greens blotted their copy book for good and all so far as I am concerned when Caroline Lucas supported the criminal damage of the Smash EDO idiots, who were acquitted after Bathurst-Norman’s shamefully one-sided and partisan summing up to the jury at their trial. One assumes that Lucas had the endorsement of the Green Party to do that – at any rate I read nothing about this incident which had her making clear that she was stating her views in a personal capacity only.

    So what have we got? A political group which says it’s one thing but is really another (no change there though – all political parties do this); which lies that it is trying to save the planet by associating itself with Islamists – I believe that there is entryism here on the part of the PSC and other Islamist bodies; and which uses draconian methods to silence anyone who disagrees with it.

    Of course the Green Party is antisemitic! It is also incredibly stupid if it believes it can fool intelligent people into believing that its crusade against the so-called “Zionist menace” is anything but a threadbare disguise for the nastiest antisemitism.

    1. Mira Vogel Post author

      For somebody who understands that life is complex, it surprises me that you aren’t prepared to think of the Green Party as a complex organisation with different currents of thinking. The reason I remain is simply because it has better policy on housing, animals, salaries (and of course the fundamental issue of responding to climate change) than any other political party. There is also the issue of antisemitism, which I prefer to think as something that can change.

  2. soovey

    Mira, you write very well and I admire your single-mindedness, but how “complex” does an organisation have to be before it’s condemned for the hypocrisy and anti-Jewish racism?

    The cure’s egg was “good in parts” but it was still a bad egg!


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