A proposal to end the blockade of Gaza

Bob rounds up sane comment on the Gaza flotilla disaster, noting how depressing the response of the pro-Hamas contingent has been, and continues with a description of the far right English Defence League, observing “the squeeze on a genuinely decent and thoroughly anti-racist left, between the phobic Harryists and the pro-Hamas left”. Greens are badly affected by that squeeze.

After aiming enthusiastic invective at Israel for a few days, some commentators remembered to use the opportunity to call for an end to the blockade of Gaza. Only a very inept campaigner for the end of the Gaza blockade (and there’s a reason it has endured for so long) would fail to demonstrate their similar concern for the safety of Israeli citizens by proposing an alternative to end Hamas’ missiling of southern Israel, preparations for war, and hostage-taking.

Via Norm, Yaacov Lozowick makes a proposal. Nick Cohen does too.

Update: and Kellie.


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