Hamas: we won’t accept two states

In the left-wing Israeli daily, Ha’aretz, the leader of Hamas Khaled Meshal pronounces ‘No’ to two states.

Sometimes Hamas hints indirectly – when it refers to the 1967 borders – it will accept two states, more often and more unequivocally it says never, and on with the killing.


6 thoughts on “Hamas: we won’t accept two states

  1. Arieh Lebowitz

    Ha’aretz is not a “left-wing Israeli daily.”
    It is a mainstream daily newspaper, about as left-wing as The Washington Post or the like.

    Perhaps you mean “In the Israeli daily, Ha’aretz, to which I am significantly to the right…”?

  2. stretch

    little bit of a stretch to call Ha’aretz “left”, don´t you think. i mean, left is not *that* relative.

  3. Mira Vogel Post author

    Oh come off it! Adopt for a moment the perspective of an Israeli centrist. Where is Ha’aretz?
    Anti-settler, anti-Gaza, it is one of the most frequently drawn-upon sources by boycotters in my trade union, even as they protest that it has been only selectively translated into English because it presents Israel to the international community to unfavourably.

  4. Arieh Lebowitz

    Mira, come off it, as the expression goes. Within the UK, many people consider The Guardian left-of-center, but it’s not a “left-wing UK daily.”
    Ha’aretz may be left-of-center – to some Israeli centrists and centrist and right-of-center supporters of Israel – but I fear you’re shooting the messenger. The settlers are living on occupied territory. Don’t you agree? If so, does that make you a `left-wing blogger’? If not, what does that make you?
    Reasonzable men and women can disagree about “Gaza” without being seen as left-wing or right-wing per se. I hope.
    That Ha’aretz is as you see it “is one of the most frequently drawn-upon sources by boycotters in my trade union” doesn’t make it a left-wing Israeli daily, just a source of information that is being used to further the political aims of anti-Israel activists within your trade union. That right-wing individuals quote from it too doesn’t make it a right-wing Israeli daily, does it? I mean, really.
    It doesn’t serve any useful purpose to characterize {‘um, characterise} Ha’aretz as `left-wing Israeli daily’ when you note that the leader of Hamas Khaled Meshal pronounces ‘No’ to two states. Does it add to the credibility of the article, or subtract from it?

  5. Mira Vogel Post author

    I’ve always considered The Guardian a left-wing UK daily.

    Yes it does, I think, lend credibility – to the fact that Meshal says no for the umpteenth time. If Meshal says no and Ha’aretz reports it, people are much less likely to write that off as Zionist propaganda because Ha’aretz is outspoken against what are widely perceived here as bog standard ‘Zionist interests’.

    You live in New York, right? I don’t think you realise how bad things have got here.

    PS I don’t give a crap if you want to spell characterise with a zee but you won’t get “Reasonzable” past me.

  6. Mira Vogel Post author

    Wikipedia (which anybody on the left would agree is a good place to look for a definition of a socially-situated phenomenon).


    Seems to confirm that I am not being quite as ridiculous as you might think, Arieh.

    Maybe this serves to buff your own left-wing credentials a little brighter. So be it.


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