Young, Jewish and Left – a documentary film

Perhaps the most visible faces of the Jewish Left are the Jewish anti-Zionists who flirt with antisemitism. I think you could say that among the wider left, these few people have come to define the Jewish left.

For other voices – on Israel, on community, on Zionism, on activism – watch the trailers for Young, Jewish and Left, a documentary from the U.S..  They have a YouTube Channel (currently headed by a video on global warming).

Via Contested Terrain who comments:

“The story demonstrates more than a sensitivity deficit on the part of Jna’s comrades. It illuminates a conflict in the Left’s relationship to the Shoah, and the inability to fit it into a historical narrative that relates intelligibly to the present. The issue is not about a trauma that is carried forward from one generation to the next, but about how this historical event has shaped the twentieth century as well as the current one. The “I am Jewish and I hate Israel” identity, which is the only acceptable form of American Jewish Left identity, reveals precisely that, that within the Left, the Shoah can only be understood if it is restricted to the World War II period and the European terrain. If it is allowed to defy these space and time dimensions, it threatens to break down the whole framework of the Left orientation. For Jna and many others, the two orientations represent an unbridgeable chasm.”

Scroll down to the bottom of its Wikipedia entry for some links to interviews and reviews.

In case you hadn’t guessed already, this one won’t be coming to a cinema near you, but you can find out how to see it on the Young, Jewish and Left site.


6 thoughts on “Young, Jewish and Left – a documentary film

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  2. GideonSwort

    I see this as mostly about being resistant to the AntiZionist narrative which is growing with the self fueling energy of a perpetual motion device. It’s about the vulnerability of these young Jewish “radicals” to see through this narrative to a point where it’s more compelling to their innate (genetic?) Left/Liberal values to adopt this distorted narrative than to be confined to the simpler no-big-plan, haphazardly chaotic facts of Jewish history.

    As always, the AntiZionist narrative grounds to a halt on the shallow and exposed reefs of personal and family narrative. There’s really nothing like the awakening slap of simple, within-living-memory facts for deconstructing an elaborately woven script.

    1. Mira Vogel Post author

      “As always, the AntiZionist narrative grounds to a halt on the shallow and exposed reefs of personal and family narrative.”

      Well put.

  3. contestedterrain

    If only that were the case, that “the personal” was somehow outside of “the political”. That the former is a corrector to the latter, a sort of block against ideology.

    Unfortunately it is not the case. Enter evidence #1: Norman Finkelstein.

  4. GideonSwort

    “Unfortunately it is not the case. Enter evidence #1: Norman Finkelstein.”

    Yes, There’s one idiot in my family too. However my comment is about these clips, not about second/third generation holocaust survivor psychosis – as in NF.


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