Prospective MEP candidate Peter Cranie – vote Green to keep the BNP out

Peter Cranie is the prospective Green MEP candidate for the North West.

Still time to belatedly point to his Comment is Free piece, which begins:

“As 4 June approaches, a serious threat hangs over British politics. BNP leader Nick Griffin is a candidate in the North West England Euro election. If he is elected, this will be the biggest step forward for the far right in British history.

Anti-racist votes in the North West region for Labour, the Liberal Democrats or the Conservatives will certainly count. No one can dispute this, as those parties will claim seven out of the eight regional seats. But it’s the eighth seat that Griffin is aiming for. Calling on everyone to once again get out and vote for red/yellow/blue simply won’t work on voters already disillusioned with the Westminster parties. But those few extra thousand votes could keep the Greens ahead of the BNP – and that is the scenario with the best chance of keeping Griffin out.”


4 thoughts on “Prospective MEP candidate Peter Cranie – vote Green to keep the BNP out

  1. Peter Cranie

    Thanks for the plug Mira. I will fight anti-Semitism wherever I find it and I think the Green Party is growing up politically, and now tackling some difficult internal issues.

    I’ll often be very critical of the policies of governments abroad, including Israel’s government and Saudi Arabia’s government, but I try to focus on what I can do here in Britain. Anti-Semitism was an issue in Scotland where I grew up, as was sectarianism.

    A two state solution that recognises the human rights and heritage of all people in Israel/Palestine, and the right of both Israeli and Arab children to live in peace seems to be the best available option for peace. But I don’t presume to dictate what is the right for people who live thousands of miles away. What I will try and do is be respectful to those who have strong views on both sides of this debate.

    I’m happy for the people who know me to speak on my record on both of these issues. I know far more about the Northern Irish peace process (which is because of my own dual heritage) and I think there are lessons to be learned from the successes there.

  2. SHAUN

    I have just read your passage above saying your involvment in Israel and pallestine . Dont you think it would be better to concentrate your efforts on all things british rather the wasteing of time and money on a lost cause . This is why i wil be voting for BNP because it seems to me at this very moment in time this great country of ours is going down the pan. Thieving polititians asylum seekers being able to DEMAND housing when there are homeless britans living on streets. I know this wont go on web site VOTE BNP

  3. Mira Vogel Post author

    Well, it might not show but I am concentrating on British stuff – mainly to do with my party’s foreign policy – there is an unhealthy preoccupation with Israel. When they stop over-scrutinising, I can pack up and go.

    “Thieving polititians asylum seekers being able to DEMAND housing when there are homeless britans living on streets.”

    We have social security for all citizens, Shaun. Homelessness of Britons is to do with other things, not immigrants. And the thieving politicians were from across the political spectrum – I doubt that the BNP would have been innocent.

    BNP policies are awful. If you fell on hard times, you’d be scorned as a loser. Not now – they want your vote. But in the end. If you’re worried about hard-up Britons – a good worry – vote for a party with a progressive social policy. Not the BNP, never the BNP.

    Before you go to the polls, just have a look at this:


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