Israeli election – how they voted

A late post – on Ha’aretz, how the Israeli electorate voted, by sector and by city. Look at the Israeli Arab support for Hadash, and the Bedouin support for the Arab List, parties which did not engage many other Israelis. This is a manifestation of the deep schism in Israeli society which organisations like The Abraham Fund are working to bridge.

The presence of Avigdor Lieberman, Israel’s George Galloway (only more nightmarishly, Lieberman’s no loser) is likely to exascerbate things. I came across this piece in Lebanon’s Daily Star, urging Hamas to be more like Lieberman and represent himself better to a Western audience. Two things occurred: the reason Hamas hasn’t made much of their muttered acknowledgement of Israel’s right to exist with it’s ’67 borders, is because it’s not official, and until it’s official, then you have to treat it as unofficial – i.e. positive, something to build upon, but uncommitted. The other thing is that the Daily Star thought that Lieberman’s charm offensive was smoke and mirrors, whereas Hamas are angels with dirty faces. I’m not convinced.


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