Pointing out antisemitism: artful

According to student harassment advisor and Green Andrew Collingwood, who played with allegations of antisemitism as part of his political campaigning about Palestine.


He can’t have noticed that most campus antisemitism today emanates from anti-Zionists and their Palestine solidarity campaigns. Campaigning on behalf of Palestinians doesn’t have to be like that, but in Britain it often is.

In common with many people who are accused of racism, Andrew Collingwood is deeply upset and offended that he’s been called racist, and views it as an attempt to smear him on account of his Palestine Solidarity Campaign work.

But even some members of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign think that the PSC is too comfortable an environment for antisemitism – it has been for years. The cartoon wasn’t out of the ordinary.

One student in the comments:

“If something racist were to happen to me on campus, I honestly feel there would be no one I could go to.”

Many others want the people with concerns to get over it. But if you’re going to ask people who feel themselves subject to racism to get over it, you may as well write off the racism part of the harassment advisory service.

Nobody has to turn a blind eye to this, do they.

Update: And nobody should turn a blind eye to hate mail received by Andrew Collingwood. Sending hate mail is deplorable, futile, self-indulgent, and often extremely frightening for the recipient. Andrew Collingwood does not deserve hate mail. He deserves to be argued with, straight. Send hate mail and not only have you lost the argument but you’ve given up on persuading somebody.

3 thoughts on “Pointing out antisemitism: artful

  1. S gross

    Mr. Collingwood has been [removed by MV: one adjective not substantiated by the account below]:
    His 2008 Register of Interest at the university failed to mention many of his interests – or rather conflicts of interest.

    Strangely, after I complained to the university over the omission of the facts, his register of interests was updated ….

    His register of interest prior to my complaint was:

    January 2008
    Organisation/person in which interest existsNature of interest (directorship, shareholding, membership etc)
    Green PartyMember
    Heslington Parish CouncilVice-Chair
    Heslington Sportsfield Trustee
    Heslington Village Meeting Room Trustee


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