Amnesty International: arms embargo on Israel

Amnesty recommends (see p35) an UNSC arms embargo on Israel and “Palestinian groups”.

The hope is that if you take away their sticks they’ll stop hitting each other and make peace. Or maybe it’s some kind of “even playing field” hypothesis of fairness.

I heard a Foreign Office minister tell Press TV that Britain supplies Israel with parts but not weapons – this embargo call would principally affect the US and then Serbia, since Palestinian groups receive their weapons on the black market which would not respect an embargo. Notably, “Palestinian groups” here does not include Hesbollah which appears to have been sending rockets into Israel in the past week. Hesbollah is completely absent from the report. That’s one arms embargo which hasn’t worked. Not exactly reassuring for anybody who recognises that Israel not only has the right, but the need, to defend its citizens – alleged abuses of arms notwithstanding.


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