Israel’s Back Yard and The Other Side

Two blogs from Israel for us (English readers).

Israel’s Back Yard is a new blog which looks like a good blog so I hope it contintues – an Israeli PhD student connected to Machsom Watch. (Machsom Watch is an organisation of – by reputation – formidable Israeli women who observe the work of Israeli soldiers at the checkpoints.) The author of this blog writes soberly and attempts to engage with critics in Israel rather than simply rubbishing them. Her concern is the basic rights of Palestinians.

This is why her observations about Israel’s back yard make sense here in our British back yard, in a way that many British pro-Palestinian activists with other agendas don’t, or shouldn’t.

Another activist on the ground in Israel who blogs is Leila at The Other Side. Her most recent post is her account Smells like a Jew of some friends responding to the power imbalance between Israeli Arabs and Jews. Read alongside Why didn’t you tell me you were an Arab? and her account of marching in Israel against the attacks on Hamas in Gaza, We refuse to be enemies. Also My only home, in which an Israeli film-maker comes to understand the experience of Palestinians through a friendship in the neutral territory of London.

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