Picket in defence of Jews

We’ve seen a lot of demos recently. Demos in defence of Palestinians. Demos against Israel. Demos in defence of Israel.

On Harry’s Place, David T calls for a picket in defence of Jews. For those unfamiliar with stimulus for this picket, I will try to post on why we should participate later. Meanwhile, read his piece, from which:

On 23-29 March 2009, the School of Oriental and African Studies is holding a conference on Political Islam. The conference, which costs  £1,890, has been ‘convened’ by Dr Khaled Hroub and Dr Sarah Stewart. Khaled Hroub is an academic at Cambridge who refuses to call suicide bombers ‘terrorists’.

There is value in the academic study of Islamism. This conference should certainly take place. However it should not take place without a non-disruptive protest. This is why.

There are two speakers at this conference whose participation should be marked by some action that ensures that attendees are fully aware of the obnoxious nature of their politics.

The first is  Dr Ibrahim Moussaoui, a Hezbollah spokesman who was Head of the foreign department at Al-Manar TV, the official media outlet of Hizbullah in Lebanon.

The second is Dr Kamal Helbawy, the senior Muslim Brotherhood officer in the United Kingdom, who now operates from his own Muslim Brotherhood front organisation, which he calls the “Centre for the Study of Terrorism”.

7 thoughts on “Picket in defence of Jews

  1. chuckboldwyn

    Take America back
    End the Fed
    End the “False Flag” taxpayers duped Wars in Middle East

    Take back the mass media or stop abusing it to deveive Americans on Middle East Issues

    Take back our Politicians, our President, our Elector Process, our Civil Liberties and Civel Rights
    Unlegalize Dual-Citizenship

    Stop betrawing “our” America, our American System.

  2. chuckboldwyn

    It’s not that you own everything and everyone,
    It’s what you do with it, how you do it, and Why you do it with partisan pleasure and traitorous treachery.

  3. Mira Vogel Post author

    It’s not too clear from your suggestions what it is that makes you so sure that you have been duped, or that there is a possibility of as you put it “taking back” the mass media.

    When you talk about a “you” who own(s) important organs of democracy, and harnesses them with malevolent intent, who do you mean, and what makes you think it?

  4. Mira Vogel Post author

    The Real Jew News, which is now calling itself the Real Zionist News?

    By what criteria do you think this is a trustworthy site, Chuck?

  5. chuckboldwyn

    Absolutely, after years of study.

    Get yourself educated, expose yourself to this information. I have researched these facts and concepts and politics in great depth.

    Most people have not and that is why they are duped.
    In fact most Americans know nothing, zero, nada about these issues, which may mean you since you are questioning my credibility and veracity.
    Get to work on your research, there is plenty, tons available.

  6. Mira Vogel Post author

    You are saying that Chuck Boldwyn, by his own reckoning, has sufficient authority to put the seal of approval on a web site?

    Well, I’d say that your approval of this particular site reflects very badly on you Chuck, and tells me that your authority is currently small. Far from being genuinely interested in addressing the problems of the world, this site you admire is obsessed with Jews.

    And you are taking the trouble to come and make these points, to persuade readers here that they shouldn’t be defending Jews.

    The thing is, when people act, they act on their own behalf, not on behalf of their social or religious group. The sheer diversity and dissent within groups demonstrates this. But they can be attacked, by racists and bigots, as members of this social or religious group, and if they are, they need to be defended, and that defence will involve acknowledging these racist or bigoted attitudes and attempting to change them or at least prevent them from gaining ground.


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