If only Israeli bloggers were representative of the political mainstream

In The Guardian, a piece on Israeli political blogging in advance of the elections.

“Assuming the polls are accurate – and they have been quite consistent – Israeli voters are poised to elect a rightwing government in next week’s elections. But if bloggers were representative of the mainstream, Israel’s next government would probably be a Jewish-Arab coalition of socialists, social democrats and environmentalists.

The disparity between the polls and the blogosphere is quite remarkable – especially in Tel Aviv, Israel’s liberal heartland, where the two parties vying for the votes of hipsters and leftist intellectuals are the Green Movement-Meimad, an environmentalist–religious partnership headed by a liberal rabbi; and Hadash, a Jewish-Arab socialist party.

The Hebrew-language blogger Ori Katzir made a survey of 92 prominent political bloggers. According to the final breakdown, the Green Movement-Meimad leads with 30 supporters, while Hadash comes in second with 27. It is the polar opposite of the opinion polls, which show Likud leading and Avigdor Lieberman’s hardline Yisrael Beiteinu poised to tie with Labour.”

By the very thoughtful and interesting Lisa Goldman.


2 thoughts on “If only Israeli bloggers were representative of the political mainstream

  1. Derek Wall

    The Green Movement which is confusingly a Green Party seems to be doing some good work but I have not heard of it putting forward peace policies (?),whereas Hadesh which is largely the Communist Party seems to be impressively pro peace…both organisations of course have candidates from both ethnic communities which is excellent…but has Hadesh strong environmental policies?

  2. Daniel

    As a Green Movement supporter, I don’t want to give too much credit to Hadash… but I must admit they have an excellent environmental legislator – Dov Khenin – who partnered with our chair – Rabbi Melchior – heading the social-environmental lobby in Knesset. The Green Movement supported Khenin’s “City for All” campaign in the Tel Aviv municipal elections and they are now the biggest faction in city hall.

    Regarding our Green Movement-Meimad peace platform, I summarized it a bit as a comment on Derek’s blog.

    Last night I attended an English-language panel discussion for the elections. Green Movement-Meimad was easily the most optimistic, progressive party there. Ok – Meretz was there, too, but their spokesperson was condescending. Labor’s rep was good. The three right-wing parties were frighteningly trying to outcompete each other regarding who would be “toughest” on Israeli Arabs and Palestinians. The audience (being English-speaking immigrants) seemed to enjoy the political fringes (us and the three right-wing parties) more than the larger parties.

    5 more days to the election!


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