Todd Gitlin on talking to Hamas

Writing in Dissent, Todd Gitlin outlines reasons to consider Hamas dangerous. Like Alex Stein in the previous post he demands better arguments from those who stridently demands negotiations:

If we want to argue that Israel will have to deal with Hamas, cannot pulverize it at gunpoint, cannot “eliminate” it, and indeed heightens its prestige by piling up the bodies of civilians whether they are deliberately targeted or not—and I don’t know any alternative in the real world to dealing with them as a political force—we mustn’t think we can win the argument cheaply by pretending that it will be easy. It will not be easy. It’s only necessary.

I think he is absolutely right. The Israeli people – who will soon vote in a new government – deserve good arguments, arguments which are fat on vision, evidence and practicalities. Convincing arguments which have some respect for their fears. Let’s see them.

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