Analysis of the anti-Israel left from Alex Stein on False Dichotomies:

“On BBC World it is simple. There are four members of the panel, but three of them are monopolising the conversation. There is an angry Arab, a London-based journalist, yawningly extolling the virtues of the resistance. There are two women – both analysts – who sit upright and tell us how simple it all is: that concession will lead to moderation and violence will lead to another generation hating Israel and why can’t the EU present a united front and they  why on earth is Israel is behaving so awfully. There is no dissent. The conversation is so absurdly one-sided that the chair has to try his hand at hasbara.

One blogger writes as follows: “The massive worldwide protests are relatively meaningless. The hypocrisy of these demonstrations need not be overstated, and in general, such demonstrations are basically just massive gatherings of people who do not matter.” His tone is, of course, less than conciliatory, but the point he makes is a valid one. The protests against Israel are a zero-sum game – people hit the streets to vent against our ultimate evil, we shrug our shoulders (”they never liked us anyway”) and seek refuge in Tzahal and its “purity of arms”. Those on the fringes fantasise that the world (the one that counts) is on the verge of turning against us, while we find refuge in our tanks and bombs and guns. Not a pretty picture.

The anti-Israel Left may, however, have one achievement to its name, and a rather significant one at that. It has stopped Israel from winning wars. By responding hysterically to every Israeli military operation, the pro-violence left (that is, pro-violence if it is conducted by Hamas or Hizbollah) has ensured that Israel’s first fight is a PR one, one which it cannot possibly win. The soothing, anguished words of an IDF spokesperson are useless in the face of pictures of dead Palestinian children, especially when the dead Palestinian children are, indeed, our handiwork. In the dense glob of Gaza, there is nothing to be done. The IDF is not free to do what the Sri Lankan Army is doing – defeating the Tamil Tigers, while displacing 200,000 civilians in the process. For white people will not march for the Tamils, and nor will they paint swastikas on the Sri Lankan flag.”

Followed by greater amounts of justified disaffection with the Israeli government.

Read all of it.


2 thoughts on “Monotony

  1. Derek Wall

    Events in Sri Lanka are absolutely shocking and we should all be spreading the word about them.

    I have blogged about the journalist who predicted the government would kill him and wrote his own obituary, he was critical of state killings and the Tamil Tigers.

    1. Mira Vogel Post author

      Yes, there was a piece on the Radio about him this evening. What has happened recently in Sri Lanka has been virtually ignored by the British media and British left in favour of an orgy of Israel reporting and bashing (respectively). Which you have helped to foster Derek. It is good that you have covered Sri Lanka on your influential green blog. However, the signals from this blog are unmistakeable. As returned in a Google search: Sri Lanka: 4 posts; Israel: 182. You and your comrades start getting Israel in perspective, and you’ll be doing Sri Lanka, and Congo, and Darfur, and Zimbabwe, and many other troubled countries, a very good turn. You will also be doing non-Israeli Jews a good turn. Non-Israeli Jews get it in the neck when people think about Israel wrong. And they have been getting it in the neck with a new intensity recently. I know that Israel’s critics on the Left can do better.


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