Caroline Lucas on Any Questions

On last weekend’s Any Questions Caroline Lucas, as noted by David Hirsh on Engage, encouraged us to understand Israeli policy as being one of the causes of the extremism which last week deliberately sought out and murdered, along with the citizens of selected countries, Jews in a religious centre. For good reason the Holzbergs had been worried about this. For jihadists it’s open season on Jews.

As a commenter on Engage noted:

“Where do you choose to break the chain of causation?

Mumbai is the fault of Israel because Israel makes Muslims angry by its ‘strangulation of Gaza’.

Israel’s ‘strangulation of Gaza’ is the fault of Hamas, who push Jew-hating propaganda and who continually target Jewish civilians for murder.

Hamas’ antisemitism is a result of Israel’s bad behaviour.

Israel’s bad behaviour – indeed its existence – is the result of European and Middle Eastern antisemitism.

Every event can be “understood” in terms of previous events.

Although this kind of mock “understanding” is usually prefaced with a disclaimer, it is actually a way of apologizing for and defending terrorism – and of attacking those who speak about the need to defend themselves against terrorism.”

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